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J. Walker Construction - Building Homes and additions in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and beyond.
J. Walker Construction - Building Homes and additions in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and beyond.
J. Walker Construction - Building Homes and additions in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and beyond.
J. Walker Construction - Building Homes and additions in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and beyond.
J. Walker Construction - Building Homes and additions in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and beyond.
"New Homes" Testimonial I    

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The Mohiles

"Additions" Testimonial II   

"We love our addition, and it has been wonderful. Jimmy Walker did a fabulous job! It is immaculate, and we were amazed. When he left each day there was no mess, no dust, and nothing entered our original space where we were living. He is very detail oriented, and he didn't miss anything. He helped us in the beginning stages figure out how we could best utilize our space and make the addition affordable for our family. Jimmy answered all of our questions honestly and was straight forward. There was no guessing involved. We wanted our addition to look like it had always been there from the front, which wasn't an easy task, but he accomplished it! We love our new space, and we can't say enough about his work to express our satisfaction! We're thrilled!"

With thanks and gratitude,
Amy & Eric Mendzela

"Additions" Testimonial III    

"Christi and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jimmy Walker of J. Walker Construction for the phenomenal job he did remodeling our home. He completely transformed the overall footprint of our house into an efficient, stylish, spacious, modern structure that is visually pleasing to our eyes. He increased our overall square footage by almost 50% more than doubling our kitchen and opening it up to an impressive Great Room complete with custom shelves and cabinetry. His design recommendations increased our storage space and opened our house up dramatically. He added additional counter space, and relocated our cabinets and appliances to allow all work areas to be easily reached from a central position.

In addition to Jimmy’s design, we were also impressed by the high quality work and professionalism. The materials provided and the workmanship were first rate. Also, it is important to note that Jimmy’s team completed our project within the time frame he committed. Christi and I also appreciate the time Jimmy spent with us, finding out what we needed and wanted in our new kitchen. He worked out compromises to fit the limitations of our space, and took care of the little fixes that we identified along the way. In summary, Jimmy and his team really made what could have been a very stressful time into a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend J. Walker Construction to anyone wanting to remodel or build a home.

Christi and Tony Heaton

"New Homes" Testimonial IV    

"Additions" Testimonial IV   

"We cannot say enough about the phenomenal job and exceptional service we received from Jimmy Walker. When we decided to add on to our home we had some reservations as to the quality and timeliness of work that need to be done."

"We were looking for someone who would offer a balance of personal touch and professional courtesy. From the moment Jimmy Walker entered our home we knew we wanted him to handle this project for us. He assured us that our goal would not only be achieved but would be accomplished in a timely manner with respect to our family life continuing uninterrupted. Jimmy is both personable and knowledgable. By the time the project was complete, we considered Jimmy both a friend and a welcome guest in our home. We are thrilled with the final addition and are amazed at the many compliments we receive on the quality of his work."

"We highly recommend Jimmy Walker for any project that you may need. We love our new addition! Thank you Jimmy!"

Larry and Sharon Kisner

J. Walker Construction - Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia
    "Additions" Testimonial I

Testimonial coming soon...

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Eastland, Sheffield Court

   "New Homes" Testimonial II

"Normally, having a house built is considered to be a very stressful project. However it is not when your contractor is Jimmy Walker. Jimmy is so pleasant and accommodating, building the house was fun! We always tell people that Jimmy builds your house as if it is his own. He watches over the construction and does little extras without even having to be asked. The subcontractors that Jimmy uses were all great as well. These guys all had so much respect for Jimmy that they always were eager to do the job correctly and in a timely manner so as not to let him down. All in all having Jimmy build our beautiful home was a great experience. We were very lucky to have found Jimmy and now we are proud to say we consider Jimmy and his lovely wife Kim to be our friends. How many people do you know that can say that about their contractor?"

Martin and Cheryl Gallery

   "New Homes" Testimonial III

"Building our home with Jimmy was an enjoyable and pleasant experience. We met with him several times before construction started, he provided us with books and samples along with the order of which we needed to make the decisions. He offered suggestions on things we were undecided on, but always reminded us the final decision was ours. After speaking with other people that had other builders my concern was going over budget for the allowance items. I expressed this concern to Jimmy and he assured me in the building process he would keep in contact and let us know if we were going over the allowance. When we did our final walk through there were no unforeseen cost. We are truly satisfied and are enjoying our home."

Robert & Sheri Kern

   Light Commercial I

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